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Does Your Workplace or Apartment Complex Have Adequate Security?

Oldham & Smith July 21, 2017

Proving negligence in an inadequate security case can be challenging. If you or a loved one has been injured in such a case, you may be entitled to compensation for the breadth of damages. It is important to enlist the advocacy of a skilled Clermont negligent security attorney that can leverage thorough investigative skills to build the strongest case against all liable parties.

Inadequate Security Costs Florida Apartment Complex $1.8 Million

In 2009, a Florida woman was forced to go through a third story window and sustained multiple injuries in order to escape from a suspected killer. Her attacker was on the run from the police after being a suspect in a strangulation of a Miami teenager. Police had tracked the man down, but had not located him, when he forced his way into the woman’s home. When the woman leapt from the window, police were close enough by to try and arrest him. Instead, the man pulled a gun and was shot to death in the confrontation.

The woman appropriately filed suit against the apartment complex for inadequate security. Among other things, security was not on duty, there was no video surveillance, and management had left open the pedestrian gate to the apartment that likely allowed the violent attacker on property. However, since the woman had opened her door (thinking he was a repair man), she received 20% of the liability for the incident. Still, damages awarded on the claim were $1.8 million (based on the apartment complex’s 80% liability).

Inadequate Security At Apartments & Workplaces

Understandably, property owners are not held responsible for all crimes occurring on their premises, but when inadequate security is at play, the injured, wrongfully killed, and their families may be able to hold them accountable.

Here are a few reasonable security measures you can expect from your workplace and apartment complex:

  • Adequately trained security guards

  • Scheduling security guards

  • Running background checks on all security and maintenance personnel

  • Video surveillance cameras

  • Sufficient lighting in walkways, stairwells, hallways, and parking lots

  • Building and maintaining perimeter fences

  • Reasonably prompt repairs of windows, gates, and doors

  • Keeping automobile gates closed to outsiders

Inadequate Security Claim

You can speak directly with an Oldham & Smith attorney about your story by simply calling or emailing us anytime. We look forward to discussing how we can serve you and your family in this potential premises liability or personal injury case. Oldham & Smith has earned the trust our many clients over the years because of our strong reputation and solid record of results.