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Oldham & Smith June 26, 2018

A vast amount of America has fallen in love with the thrill and adrenaline rush of riding motorcycles. Whether it’s for pleasure, or as a main source of transportation, there are millions of motorcyclists on the road every day. We are here to ensure you know the proper steps to take to get back to your family safely every time you get on a motorcycle.

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Motorcycle safety tips

Unfortunately, due to reasons like poor education, negligent drivers, and weather and road conditions, there are thousands of motorcycle accidents a year. In Florida, even though only 6% of vehicles are registered motorcycles, 20% of all people who die in traffic accidents are motorcycle riders. The following tips are essential for anyone who wants to ride safely, and mitigate the risk of becoming another statistic.

  1. Take a motorcycle safety course. Even though it is a necessity in most states to receive your motorcycle endorsement or license, there is no reason for anyone to get on a motorcycle without taking an approved safety course. These courses are designed to teach you invaluable skills that will allow you to operate your bike safely and properly–skills required to keep you alive on the road.

  2. Be aware of road hazards and weather conditions. A large percentage of motorcycle accidents a year are not even caused by a collision with another vehicle. Cars don’t normally have to worry about small annoyances like oil, sand, and dirt on the road. For a motorcyclist, however, these seemingly insignificant obstacles can be incredibly life threatening. There are a few things that can be especially dangerous for motorcyclists. The absorptive material used to clean up oil spills on highways can be slick as ice for a rider and lead to very risky situations. Always be on the lookout for hazardous road conditions, and be aware of the riskiest times to ride. The first 30 minutes to an hour of rain can cause all the oil that has accumulated on a road to float upon the surface; this can lead to a much higher chance of hydroplaning and could potentially land you in a slippery situation.

  3. Always be cognizant and cautious of other cars on the road. Motorcycles are incredibly easy to miss when a driver is not paying close attention, but there are things the motorcyclist can do to be proactive in keeping themselves safe. When following a vehicle, never follow directly behind them. Try to be visible to the driver’s side mirrors to give them the best chance of seeing you. Also, be aware of staying in blind spots of drivers in other lanes. Try to stay fully in front of, or behind drivers in other lanes so that when they make erratic lane changes you have plenty of time to respond.

  4. Never drive tired or under the influence of anything that can alter your state of mind. Alcohol, marijuana, and even medications like Benadryl can severely affect your ability to operate a motorcycle. With the number of hazards you have to watch out for on the road, you need to be in tip-top mental shape to make sure you get home safe.

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