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Motorcycle Injuries and Dealing with An Accident

Oldham & Smith Sept. 6, 2018

Florida & Georgia Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

Getting into a Motorcycle accident is one of the scariest things that can happen to you. Through the chaos and confusion, it can be easy to lose your head and rush into things that might inadvertently lead to serious injury or death. Once you’ve been in an accident on a motorcycle, it’s crucial to remember to take stock of your injuries and call medical assistance. Below are some of the injuries that can be sustained that you need to be cognizant of.

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Common Injuries from Motorcycle Accidents

  • Road rash is one of the least of a rider’s worries when involved in a motorcycle accident, but this injury can still be potentially life-threatening if severe enough. There are so many substances left on the surface of a road from cars and the surrounding environment, and infection is a huge concern for any road rash case.

  • Broken bones are very common in any motorcycle accident involving a collision with another vehicle. It’s important to always call 911, or have someone at the scene call, and request medical assistance when you are in a collision with another vehicle. Some broken bones– especially long bones of the legs and arms– can be life-threatening because of their proximity to large blood vessels. If you suspect a broken bone, always try to keep it motionless and supported until a medical professional can assess your situation.

  • Head, neck, and spinal injuries are, unfortunately, all too common in motorcycle collisions. These are some of the hardest injuries to assess and treat and can be the most life-threatening. Some things to keep in mind to check for when recovering from a collision are a loss of sensation in any part of your body, uncontrollable muscle movements, tingling or prickling feeling in your extremities, and uncontrollable bowel movements. If you notice any of these symptoms, after making sure that you are out of harm’s way, you need to find a safe place to lay down in a straight, stable position, limiting any movement of your back, neck, and head. If a spinal cord injury is possible, any further movement of your spine could cause lifelong damage. Also remember that while your helmet protects you during a collision, it can also help stabilize and protect you afterward as well. Don’t automatically take your helmet off after a collision if you suspect a head or neck injury, as you may do more damage to yourself in the process.

While first responders are here to help you and are always going to try their best, sometimes in the heat of the moment they can forget some of their training. If you are ever told to do something that makes you feel uncomfortable, or that you believe will do you more harm, you can always ask for an explanation or clarification, or even refuse the request. Medical malpractice on an accident scene can happen and can be hard for a person to cope with when under stress. If you suspect that you were instructed to perform an action that worsened your injuries, make sure that you take down the ambulance company’s information, as well as the information of the first responders so you can protect yourself afterward.

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