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Police: Florida Man Struck Pedestrian, Left to Buy Drink

Oldham & Smith July 23, 2012

Imagine that you accidentally cause a hit-and-run crash. Your first priority would be to stop immediately and attend to the victim, wouldn’t it? Most people would say “yes,” but not everyone thinks that way. Unfortunately, some drivers think more about how the consequences of a crash will affect them, rather than doing the right thing.

A tragic hit-and-run crash over the weekend serves as a good example. A 21-year-old man reportedly struck a pedestrian, who might have been riding a bicycle, last week in Florida. Rather than stopping to help or calling the police, he left the scene — apparently to buy an alcoholic drink.

A bystander spotted the 51-year-old pedestrian on Deeson Road, which is a residential street with limited traffic. The witness called the police regarding the crash, and soon after the young motorist drove by. Police talked to him and said he smelled of alcohol.

The man apparently told police that he’d gone to a nearby store to buy cigarettes. Surveillance footage from the store, however, shows otherwise. Video shows the man arriving at the store, checking his vehicle for damage, and then buying an alcoholic beverage inside. He then checked his vehicle for damage again before driving off.

Police say that they linked evidence from his vehicle to the accident. The driver is facing various charges, including leaving the scene of a crash with a fatality. Authorities found a damaged bicycle near the accident scene, but it’s unclear if the victim was riding the bicycle when the motorist struck him.

Source: Orlando Sentinel, “Deputies: Man struck and killed pedestrian, left scene to buy alcohol,” Amy Pavuk, July 20, 2012