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Someone Hit My Car with A Golf Cart

Oldham & Smith April 8, 2015

Those who have found themselves in an awkward situation may not be sure what to do. If somebody hits a car with a golf cart, there are a variety of different approaches that can be taken legally to take care of the situation. One of the most common is to go through an insurance company. From state to state within the United States, there are widely varying insurance laws. In some states, people will be able to have the damage covered by the party who was at fault in the incident.

Document Everything

However, it can be often be a challenge to get the other party to pay for damage that they caused. After a car is hit and damaged with a golf cart, getting documentation is always important. Call the police if they will come to the scene, and have a police report filed if possible. Take pictures and talk to anybody else who witnessed the incident. If there are witnesses, it is a good idea to keep some contact information for the future. Make sure that it is very clear what happened based on the evidence.

Speak to A Lawyer

Speak with a lawyer about the damage, and they will have more specific information about the state laws. If it is a fault state, there may be a way that a person could get their car fixed without having to make a claim on their insurance policy. Nobody wants to see their own rates increase because they had to make a claim, so talk with a lawyer about how to possibly get the car fixed by the party who caused the damage. Contact Oldham & Smith Attorney At Law by phone or online.

Get an Estimate

The last step is always to prove the damage that was done. Take the car to a shop and have an official estimate done of the needed repairs. Taking the car in can also help to prove later on what caused the damage, and help to make the case in court. A mechanic will make sure that all of the damage is accounted for, and can give people an idea of much needs to be paid to fix the vehicle.