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Tavares, FL Construction Accidents

Oldham & Smith Feb. 25, 2013

Construction is most often good for a city. Tavares is no exception. New companies, manufacturers and homes are indicative of an improving economy. With construction, however, risks of injuries are always present.

A California man recently suffered severe injuries to both of his legs due to a construction accident. A three-ton steel beam fell from a moving crane and caused tremendous injury to this construction worker. If not managed correctly, any construction site can be susceptible to accidents.

Construction sites are governed by safety regulations administered by the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA). Managers and foremen are responsible for ensuring that all safety precautions are taken at every moment of the workday. Construction is inherently a dangerous occupation and construction companies must be held accountable when proper precautions are not enforced.

Suffering injury from a construction accident can turn your life into havoc in an instance. A Construction Injury Lawyer can help you reclaim losses from an accident. You may be eligible for a settlement from a number of sources.

The Attorneys at Oldham & Smith are experienced in working with insurance companies and large construction firms. High-powered attorneys versed in trying to force small settlements can be intimidating to the civilian who is not familiar with all the legalities and complexities that construction accidents present. Let our Tavares lawyers assist you in getting all the financial awards you are entitled to. We want to help you recover, both financially and emotionally, from your injuries. Contact us today for a free consultation.