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Is My Neighbor or the Construction Company at Fault for Damages to My Property

We all love to see our neighbors sprucing up their home and property. After all, it's great for the neighborhood! But what happens if your neighbor's remodeling or construction crew does damage on *your side" of the property line? The attorneys at oldham smith have some answers. First- alert your neighbor immediately so they know exactly what the damage is and when you noticed it. If the construction company they're using has liability insurance, your neighbor should be listed as an additionally insured, and you'll be covered. Next- get the company's information so you can call them, and their insurance company, directly. It's also a good idea to take photos and date them. Bottom line: it's always the construction company's responsibility to keep the job site safe. But since you have no control over who your neighbor hires, a shady contractor who damages your property, could leave you holding the bag. ..And the repair bill. If the contractor doesn't have insurance your neighbor's homeowner's policy might cover the damage. But if they don't have liability, or they come up short, you'll need an attorney to help you fight for the compensation you deserve.