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Are you more likely to be killed in a motorcycle accident?

There is nothing quite like it....strapping on your motorcycle gear and heading down the open road! You can clear your mind of all the clutter...and focus on the freedom of the ride. And let's face it- Your "cool factor" skyrockets when you hop on your bike. But so does your chance of being critically injured- or worse. The National Highway Safety Administration says bikers are 28 times more likely to be killed than someone in another vehicle....and in only 20 % of the cases- that's one in 5- the motorcyclist is to blame. Steering clear of distracted drivers, staying alert and following safety protocols are key to getting home in one piece- [motorcycle ax] but sometimes, even if you do everything right- things go wrong. If you are in a motorcycle accident you need an attorney with years of experience who can get you the compensation you deserve. Call Oldham and Smith, Attorneys at law 352 292 1620. You pay nothing unless you win.